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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Simple Featured Post

This widget shows 4 post inside your blog as a highlighted featured post. It has no animation, but it show a snippet post with thumbnail.

Just a simple featured post. It's just an edited random post in some shaded box and table (Last post : Simple random post with thumb widget. I'm suggesting this because of the linkwithin (you might read this / called simmilar post) that give your pagerank / SEO downrank.

With this, readers have some idea what is in your site and might want to read more!

Just a simple HTML widget
To install click ==>> Layout ==> add a gadget ==> Find Html widget ==> copy this html

Copy / paste this code into your site

Reminder ===> put this widget above or below post ==> also put some text for the title (recommend Featured Post)

***** Alert *****
the script above have error. Click this link and copy the html/javascript code



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