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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sheep Screenmates For Windows

Screenmates - an animated light program that run across the desktop screen freely or following the mouse. This is such a nostalgic because I had this since using windows 98. As window developed, I don't hear anymore on these screenmates. Until now i tested in my windows 7, It still run well.

Just try it, maybe it make you smile a bit.

Some of them that still running (don't now if its run in Windows 8, somebody comment to me if its runs)

Sheep Screenmates

A cute fluffy sheep with yellow fur and purple horn. It run, rolls, eat, sleap, bath above the taskbar, you can grab it. It falls, stuck on open window, and cry because of the fell. It bounce and sometimes aliens capture it. You can duplicate the .exe file and make run them in more than 1 app. It will bounce with each other and make your blog like it were infected by them... Try it!


  1. This screenmate will not run on Windows 8

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  3. Running on my windows 8. :) ty admin..



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