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Monday, June 30, 2014

Advertise Here

You can put your ads to promote your business or website, here in this blog via leaderboard top banner 728x90px, Mid Banner 468x60px and small box 125x125px via plans provided. Now my page-view in average 300 pv/day with visitor coming
1. Malaysia    2. Singapore    3. US     4. India     5. Pakistan
 click here for details visitor come from

Your Ads Size Weekly Monthly Yearly
 1. leaderboard  / top banner = 728 x 90 px
$ 1.00 $ 5 $ 50
save $10
2. Mid Banner = 468 x 60 px $ 0.60 $ 3 $ 30
save $6
3. Small box = 125x125px
$ 0.20
$ 2 $ 20
save $4

Payments using PayPal at only and the currency is in USD. The picture may in gif, jpeg or png in format attach to email. Include the print screen of your payment first, then I will process the application.

So the details in the e-mail
1. Place you select ( refer the table above - 1, 2 or 3)
2. Monthly / yearly
3. Target link, eg
4. Popup text. When visitor hover your ad image, it will pop a text
5. Description below pict and only for 125x125 box banner. Add Some words - not more than 5 words (this is free), but if you want's more, please donate
6. Attach
   a) picture to display- if the size not match my spec, don't worry I will fit it in
   b) payment print screen

Please no porn, drug or anything that illegal ... you now what I'm saying right?

you can email me the details at
Thanks for using to advertise



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