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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Scrolling Popular Post Gadjet / widget - blogger

This is a scrolling popular widget for blogger. Make the 'popular post' in your blogspot scroll like an expert blogger. Just using ready widget in the blogspot and make them animate.

Just add gadget in the layout screen==> chose HTML/JavaScript ===> and Copy and paste java/html script bellow into the tab
  1. Go To Blogger >>> Design
  2. Click add a gadget
  3. Choose Popular Posts Widget provided by blogger
  4. Keep post number greater than 4
  5. Save your widget
  6. Now select an HTML/Javascript widget
  7. Paste the following slide code inside it,
  8. Put it side by side as in picture bellow

 Style No 1
Copy / paste this code into your site

 Style No 2
Copy / paste this code into your site



  1. Thank you very much for sharing. Its what i was searching.

  2. THANks
    i have added it in my blog

  3. Well thankyou for providing this widget, well here is some new popular post widget for blogger check them out thanks,

  4. Nice widget.. Thanks for sharing with us..

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  7. nice sharing...but still not found what i am looking for....

  8. I use this gadget, But it's not work. Can you help me about this more? awaz

  9. very helpful your gadget. thanks for sharing with us.

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