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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Adfly Payment number 19 Proof

Just for sharing, AdFly make me wants to continue blogging because its now converts me to make a profit. Now AdFly pays me 19 times. Now, what to do to increase my income is to make more blogs and increase my visitors. Previous Article [click here] new from adfly - pop ads, i've introduce how to put a popads into my blog, now payment from AdFly increase 3X more. There's a slightly late statistics from the pop ads income table, but who cares, its still pays ..

PayPal printscreen
AdFly earning page
There's a burst of income - maybe due to increasing of people visiting and the factor of using only popads form AdFly

Tips to increase Visitors / maximize pageviews
1. Do not copy and paste article to be put in your blogs. Produce your own article / blogging ideas. It must be fresh or put in some keywords that famous in google seach.
Tips : Go to from your own country, find the Trending Now topic... that is what people wants to find (popular search).
2. Comment on a forum or blog from other bloggers.
3. To attract people to stay in your blog, write something that glue them by writing with impressions ... not writing like a robot... put some proof or picture that strengthen the points you are giving
4. BE PATIENT ... continue your blogging way and maintain ..

Thanks to all ... Have a Good Day

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