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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Free Flash Digital Clock Blog Widget

If you're like most people and are on social networks all the time, then you need a Digital Clock on your page! It looks awesome and it helps you and your friends not lose track of your day/life online! :)
블로그에 디지털 시계를 넣어
وضع ساعة رقمية في بلوق الخاص بك
legte eine Digitaluhr in Ihrem Blog
Free Flash Digital Clock widget for blog

Get your own Digital Clock


  1. Most children would rather have a digital clock in their room than an analog clock because digital clocks are easier to read. It is a good idea to buy an analog wall clock for your kid if they are not very experienced at telling time.

  2. Yup I agree with that, I also prefer digital rather than analog clock. Its much faster.

  3. For Mumbaikar's only

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  5. very nice.....i have tested and its working superbly......Keep sharing more and more valuble informations, tips , tricks,…..

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